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06 September 2010

Escape from L.A.

directed by John Carpenter

John Carpenter has long been a master of the ridiculous, and his films are the cream of the B movie crop. Big Trouble in Little China. Vampires. They effing Live! If Carpenter made it, then it probably kicks a ton of ass, and it may even be an A movie classic (like Halloween, pour instance). Perhaps his most ridiculous, and therefore most inspired film may very well be the sequel to his epically awesome Escape from New York. Kurt Russell rocks the eye patch one more time and answers to the name Snake Plissken. Snake has to rescue the First Daughter and retrieve a detonator that could totally fuck shit up on a global scale. To make sure he does the job, the Feds plant some wickedness inside him that will ghost his ass in 9 hours if he can’t get the job done. How can he turn down an offer as sweet as that? Probably the high point in the film (beside the full court shootout) is when Snake encounters a cosmic hippie, played by the iconic Easy Rider, Peter Fonda. Escape is always righteous, and always stupefyingly entertaining.

A moment to beg: Please, please, please, Mr. C. Please make another Escape from film before Kurt Russell is too old. Send him back in time to the present day, and just call it Escape from Detroit. The plot: Snake must help a young exotic dancer with sensitive info about the corruption of the city’s political body escape from the Manoogian Mansion before the mayor has her axed. I can guarantee that our old friend Mr. Kilpatrick would love to act as an expert consultant on the subject matter, and Michigan’s tax incentives for filmmakers have never been better (hint, hint).

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