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03 September 2010

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

directed by John Hughes

Certainly not the same kind of sick day you may be having if you’re horizontal on the couch watching this John Hughes gem, but it sure as hell is the sick day you wish you could be having. The voice of grown up Simba is superb as Mr. Bueller, the coolest kid school with the hottest girl and the most neurotic bf. The trio lives it up in downtown Chicago, all the while being pursued by the wily principal Rooney (Jeffrey Jones, who was awesome in Ravenous, btw). It’s a quintessential Hughes teen film (are there any other kind?) chock full of all the things you never experienced but wish you had. Mia Sara is sublime as Sloane, and Alan Ruck is phobia addled perfection as Cameron. The soundtrack is totally boss, and even minor characters like Jennifer Grey and Charlie Sheen share an electricity that endures.  It’s so choice.

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