What movie was that...?

21 September 2010


directed by Allen Coulter

Allen Coulter’s movie about old Hollywood and its myriad players is a quietly riveting piece of film. Adrian Brody is stellar as down on his luck private eye, Louis Simo, disgraced snoop for hire who is charged with uncovering the murky truth behind the alleged suicide of George Reeves, television’s Superman (and the gold standard for the comic hero to this day). As Simo makes his way through the star studded jungle, Coulter unfolds the tale of Reeves and his struggle to reconcile his desires with his professional image. Hollywoodland is solid filmmaking, and the story is enthralling and earnest. Diane Lane is a fragile and sincere revelation as Toni, wife of Eddie Mannix and sugar mama to Reeves. It’s old Hollywood sans the nostalgia, yet respectful of the tracks it laid for us. It’s too bad Coulter has since been submerged in television, and it’s too badder that he resurfaced to the world of film with the tacky pap nightmare, Remember Me (ugh). Despite such atrocities as Gigli, Bounce, Daredevil, Paycheck, yeesh, I’ll just stop there, but my point is that even though he has done some things that are less than good, Ben Affleck has the ability to gives us performances like the one he delivers here, and he has the ability to knock us out with his directing talent. Give The Town or Gone, Baby Gone a watch for evidence of Affleck’s tremendous talents. 

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