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02 September 2010

Independence Day

directed by Roland Emmerich

Roland Emmerich’s star spangled sci fi treat is certainly not shitty, but let’s not be so hasty and say it a monument to film perfection. It's definitely his best gluttonously insane budget action spectacular, it’s totally awesome, and the cast brings their A game. But film has some shaky elements in it, elements that I am more than willing to overlook, especially when I’m curled up beneath three blankets and sucking on a Halls with mentho-lyptus. This tale about hostile ETs coming to our world hoping to fuck some shit up (and on our damn holiday!) is thrilling, funny, engaging, and an all around crowd pleaser. What’s not to like? ID4 came out when Will Smith was the undisputed king of the summer blockbuster, and supporting talent like Judd Hirsch, Vivica A. Fox, Mary McDonnell, Bill Pullman, Randy Quaid and Brett Spiner fill out their characters beautifully. Shining brightest of all is Jeff Goldblum, whose uniquely splendid delivery, perfected in the truly classic Jurassic Park, crystallizes to enormously entertaining effect in ID4. Hell, even that fake Keanu Reeves older brother type was okay in my book. This film is a winner no matter how you slice it, and it will always perk you up when you need it most. 

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