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14 September 2010

Jurassic Park

directed by Steven Spielberg

At least there are some JPs out there that remain reliably stellar throughout the years. Steven Spielberg spared no expense when he decided to blend classic live action effects, advanced stop motion techniques and uber modern CGI to bring to life the best dinosaur film ever, Jurassic Park, which is on par with Jaws in terms of sheer extraordinary entertainment value and enjoyability. A crew of experts trapped in a wildlife preserve with dinosaurs hell bent on munching up some human flesh. What’s not to like? Jeff Goldblum perfects his so very Goldblumy delivery as Ian Malcom, chaotician and ladies man who thinks the whole operation is a rape of the natural world. Sam Neill is stoic and reliable as Dr. Grant, the guy we can all root for and the character who “learns the most about himself” throughout the film. Jurassic Park rocks, from the great John Williams score to the badass special effects (the CGI in the film still holds its own!) to the amazing story itself, penned by wiz of the modern sci-fi drama, Michael Crichton (RIP). And look, another righteous Sam Jackson role! Whether you’re 8 or 48, Jurassic Park will always do the trick, a family favorite that has no rival in terms of content, style and scope.

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