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05 September 2010

The Perfect Storm

directed by Wolfgang Peterson

If being sick makes you more susceptible to getting all weepy at sappy sentimentality, then keep that Kleenex box close at hand. Just make sure that if you are rocking the lotion infused tissues designed to prevent your nose from wanting to kill itself, avoid getting that lotion in your eyes. It stings. But have something ready to soak up those tears as you abandon rational thought and feast your wounded heart on this testament to the Romance of the sea. Wolfgang Peterson has made enough legitimate classics (Das Boot, In the Line of Fire) to make this film seem better than it really is, and the cast deliver top notch performances. George Clooney is superb as Billy Tyne, captain of a fishing boat that gets caught in (you guessed it) the perfect storm. You can almost see weatherman Chris McDonald’s thoughts as he watches the storm on his meteorological computer at the news station. “Look at that storm. Look at how perfect it is.” John C. Reilly is fantastic as Murph, and Mark Wahlberg rules as Bobby. John Hawkes rocks as Bugsy, as does Diane Lane and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio . And the always amazing, always underrated William Fichtner nails the role of Sully. Listen, it’s based on a damn true story, that’s why all the names are so ridiculous! If you need a little pick me up after this tear inducer, be sure to journey back to Peterson’s strange children’s film, The NeverEnding Story, featuring a stunningly topless sphinx-esque sculpture that shoots lasers from its eyes. Remember the proportions on that thing? Remember watching that scene with your family and thinking “I’m totally getting away with this!” I guess we had to learn about the fairer sex somewhere. Don’t get caught staring, Atreyu.

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