What movie was that...?

04 September 2010


directed by Jan de Bont

Jan de Bont is most well known for his cinematographic achievements, most notably the 80s section of his CV. Cujo, Die Hard, Flatliners (ok, that’s a 1990 film, but it has all the usual 80s suspects and thematic trappings), de Bont knows how to work the darkness. I can forgive Speed by virtue of Twister, but there’s no excuse for Speed 2: Cruise Control. For shame, Mr. de Bont. Anyway, in Bill vs. the Tornado, my favorite used car salesman slash actor, Bill Paxton, plays Bill Harding. Old Bill is smitten with Star from The Lost Boys (that’s Jami Gertz) and has a cushy weatherman gig all lined up, if he could just get his kind of flaky, storm chasing junkie ex (Helen Hunt, on the verge of annoying me, as always) to sign the divorce papers. Sprinkle in an early Jeremy Davies, an intensely ridiculous (and believable, btw) P. H. Hoffman, a nerdy Alan Ruck, a half dozen cyclones and shoot, you got yerself a dang old picture show. If you are jonesing for a few “aw shucks” Paxton style quips, or just need to see another film where Cary Elwes is a pompous ass, then Twister has got your number, baby. If you’re looking for a little remedy for that under the weather feeling that has you in bed with a hot water bottle and a thermometer lodged in an orifice, Twister is just the thing for those cosmic aches and pains. Take one and call me in the morning.

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