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15 September 2010

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

directed by Oliver Stone

Mr. ‘Heavy-handed motifs, imagery and theme’ himself, Oliver Stone pummels us with the significance of time (look at all those clocks!) in his long anticipated (has it really been that anticipated?) Wall Street sequel. Money Never Sleeps finds iconic Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas finds the slick shit core of his former award winning personae) loosed from the clink with a new book in tow that, get this, predicts the market crash of a few years ago. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the film takes place in 1998, and the script by Allan Loeb and Steven Schiff bets the bank that we are all still raw about said crash. This bet is probably a safe one, and a tidy little stock market drama chock full of complicated, fast spoken jargon, fancy suits and evil corporate types will make for a crowd pleaser no matter how you slice it. What is noteworthy, however, is Shia LaBeouf’s remarkable performance as Jacob Moore, engaged to Gekko’s daughter (Carey Mulligan did very much with very little in this boy’s club of a film) and enamored with Gekko’s smooth operations. Nice work, LaBeouf. You just showed us that you got chops, kid. I won’t give anything away, except that all involved gave excellent performances that hit all the targets, especially Eli Wallach and Frank Langella. Josh Brolin shakes off the dim bulb Dubs routine from W. (yuck) and intimidates like a champ as the worse guy in a room full of bad guys. If you loved you some Wall Street, then this sequel has got your name on it. Just make sure you wear a helmet to protect yourself from all that symbolism Stone tries to hit you over the head with.

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