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09 September 2010

Wall Street

directed by Oliver Stone

Most Oliver Stone films are, well, perhaps vehement is the word I am looking for. Like it or not, Stone’s supercharged zeal and fire and brimstone filmic suspicion reached its zenith in such paranoid treasures as JFK, Alexander and Natural Born Killers, but a chance to see an early Oliver Stone flexing his optimism takes the form of Wall Street. Charlie Sheen broods like a champ as Bud Fox, aspiring yuppie and fanboy of Mr. Gordon Gekko (a slick shit and badass Michael Douglas). Gekko has made millions by moving money all over the universe, but whether it’s legit is the tough question that Bud must grapple with. It’s an 80s yuppie movie from the 80s, complete with a wired John C. McGinley and James Spader, and Stone tries really hard to give the film an uplifting arc, but he seems out of his element when he tries to wax hopeful. Delicate has rarely been a term used to describe Stone’s films, and his weakest films tend to be the ones where he tries to “understand” or “sympathize” with a person or concept (such was the case with the wildly vanilla W.). I have been watching and thinking about Wall Street for some time now, waiting with bated breath for his long overdue sequel. Shia LaBeouf better be practicing his version of “I was doing any better, I’d be guilty.”

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