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08 October 2010

Infinity Guitars (A Sleigh Bells video)

directed by Phil Pinto

If Trent Reznor, Jack White and M.I.A. all got together and decided to open a dance club in Hell, it would sound pretty much like the blistering musical debut from Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss, aka Sleigh Bells. Sleigh Bells, that’s like calling an AK 47 a purring kitty. Miller’s nuclear grade guitar riffs rip through blown out hip hop beats guaranteed to move tectonic plates, and Krauss vocally swaggers through the shit storm like Ahab on the hunt. An album that begs to be listened to at an unreasonable volume, Sleigh Bells captures what has been in my heart for the past few years, articulated in the form of industrial grade badassery that will peel the paint from any club and knock the rearview mirror off any ride. Too smart to be a joke, and too influenced by all the best that music has to offer (Beastie Boys, Thin Lizzy, Hardcore music, Led Zeppelin, the aforementioned), Sleigh Bells kicks all the right asses and looks cool doing it.

The video for the single Infinity Guitars, directed by Phil Pinto is, somewhat disappointingly, nothing spectacular, a mere opportunity for Krauss to strut through an alley with a varsity jacket and a baseball bat. Miller rocks the denim and the pissed off look, and when the pair meet up, explosions ensue and high school kickassedness is achieved. It reminds me of when I first heard Nada Surf’s Popular, or The Big Three Killed my Baby by The White Stripes (an influence on Miller, to be sure), and Miller’s musical philosophy of louder equals more awesome is spot on. I couldn’t agree more. Is the video itself noteworthy? No, but the song is too good for that to matter. I can’t wait for the sophomore Sleigh Bells album, and those of you living close by their recording studio had better start bomb proofing your homes.

Sleigh Bells "Infinity Guitars" from Phil Pinto on Vimeo.

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  1. Hello, I've been looking through some movie blogs and I thought I'd check yours out.
    Wow, your blog is great, the only trouble is it's gonna take me months to go through all your reviews!
    I've started with the films I like such as Two-Lane Blacktop and Vanishing Point and the only 1990's Meg Ryan film I could find, Joe Versus The Volcano.
    Keep up the good work and I'll try and post on here again soon.


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