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10 October 2010

Lake Placid

directed by Steve Miner

Steve Miner (easily my favorite recurring director of Dawson's Creek episodes. And no, I am not ashamed of my affection for The Creek.) is the kind of director who is more interested in making movies than making art, and sometimes that works to his advantage. In Lake Placid, the cheeky, I don’t take myself that seriously, let’s have some fun style of Miner’s pays off like a champ, and it doesn’t hurt when you have a star cast bringing their A game to a goofy sci-fi horror gem of a plot about a giant crocodile prowling a Maine lakefront. Bridget Fonda is fiery and fabulous as paleontologist Kelly Scott, who gets sent by her ex slash boss (a bone dry Adam Arkin. I heart him.) to investigate some strange goings on, where she meets surly Sherriff Hank Keough (a great Brendan Gleeson) and Fish and Game officer Jack Wells (Bill Pullman, rocking his patented slightly confused face). When goofball mythology expert and croc fanboy Hector Cyr (Oliver Platt rules) turns up, the group set out to find said predator and ruins its day. The film is a good old fashioned monster flick that just has fun with it. Think Deep Blue Sea minus Sam Jackson, or Snakes on a Plane minus Sam Jackson, or Anaconda minus- well, if Sam Jackson was in Anaconda, then think Anaconda minus Sam Jackson. And plus, where else are you going to hear Betty White say “If I had a dick, this is where I’d tell you to suck it”? Priceless.

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