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01 October 2010

The Social Network

directed by David Fincher

David Fincher is back in the saddle after the truly shameful misstep that was Benjamin Button (I dare you to argue that point with me, all you delusional Fincher fanboys), and he sinks his teeth all the way into the frosty story of my vacuous, self interested, self undulgent, self important generation. Facebook co creator Mark Zuckerberg calls much of the film “sensationalized,” but scriptwriting genius Aaron Sorkin spins a stinging tale of a golden calf lusted over by Ivy League yuppies, well intentioned students and one outcast hell bent on making himself the warm little center around which the rest of the world huddles, and Sorkin makes use of legal records and testimonials to flesh out this tale of an ego driven dystopia. The cast is phenomenal, from Justin Timberlake’s geek turned rock star portrayal of Napster’s Sean Parker (as slick shit as they come) to Armie Hammer’s wonderful turn(s) as the Winklevoss twins, who allege that Zuckerberg jacked their website idea for his own, to a razorish Rooney Mara, who plays Erica. The film, however, belongs to Andrew Garfield, playing Eduardo with cerebral naivety, and Jesse Eisenberg, who sheds his Michael Cera shtick and cuts to the core everything that gets in his path. Fincher excels when dealing with the obsessive desire of outsiders to get the attention of those in the loop, those just outside their grasp, and Trent Reznor’s underplayed and tense soundtrack mixes beautifully with Jeff Cronenweth's (who is familiar with both Fincher’s and Reznor’s styles) richly textured and ominous cinematography to create a film that, sadly, sums up a generation. I couldn’t help but think about Oliver Stone’s Wall Street (the original, not the watered down sequel), how his film came to represent a time and a culture of ravenously materialistic money whores who stopped at nothing to achieve their sordid dreams. If you simply the replace the word “money” with “attention” in that previous statement, you have a good summation of The Social Network, a film that will come to define the Gen X egomania, the antisocial attention grubbing that is turning us all into arrogant, awkward little shits. Wow, I feel like one of those racists who always preface their bigoted declarations with “I’m not racist, but…”

Btw, if you have to says things like “I’m not racist, but,” or “I’m not gay, but,” or “I’m not sexist, but,” etc, then you are absolutely, 100% those all of things. And if you are prefacing statements thusly, then you’re probably an asshole, too. Geez, what a Zuckerberg thing to say, BC.

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