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04 November 2010

For All Mankind

directed by Al Reinert

If you thought Apollo 13 rocked, then you need to brace yourself for Al Reinert’s hauntingly elegant and mesmerizing doc about the Apollo missions, and where Reinert’s doc shines is in its ability to frame the entire space race (the US side, anyway) as a unified experience. Brian Eno’s stellar score seems to permeate everything, and when you watch a 2 hour doc that somehow manages to glean from over 6 million feet of archived (and unseen) NASA footage a sense of purpose, of explorers setting forth into the ether in the pursuit of knowledge, you honestly feel as if you have experienced something profound. The narration comes from OG astronauts and original mission control recordings, but it’s the vastness of space itself that plays the most enigmatic and alluring character. It was For All Mankind that, for a long time, sparked a question I used to ask all my friends, family and even strangers. Each astronaut was allowed to bring with them into space an album of their choosing. Some brought country music, some classical, and I always thought that there would be something deeply personal about selecting a particular album to experience in the most unique way possible, so my question is:

What album would you bring with you into space?

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  1. It's always a strange sensation when you stop and think about the vastness of space.
    What album would I take there ?
    That's a tough one so early in the morning.I'll think about it today and get back to you!


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