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11 November 2010

(Hey You) What's That Sound? (a Les Rythmes Digitales music video)

directed by Evan Bernard

Plotwise, Evan Bernard’s music video for (Hey You) What’s That Sound? is nothing innovative: a keytar packing rocker struts the streets and zaps passersby into totally rad dancers. We’ve seen it before (hell, the Black Eyed Peas video for Rock Your Body is that exact same, albeit futuristic, premise), but music video pro Bernard knows how to homage like nobody’s business. Let’s also take into account that this video is over a decade old, which makes it way ahead of this back to the 80s trend. Frankly, I’m not thrilled about a serious return to such fashion, but when it’s as tongue in cheek as this, you can’t help but smile. Les Rythmes Digitales is the musical creation of Stuart Price, who has quietly produced some of the finest pop music of the 2000s under various titles, but I am partial to his retro techno album, Darkdancer. It’s nostalgic, but also very good, and Price understands that music that wants to have fun can’t take itself too seriously.

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