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29 January 2011

The Green Hornet

directed by Michel Gondry

Though not without its charm, Michel Gondry’s newest film is about as bland as you can get. But the surprise here is Seth Rogan, who once again pens a script that made me chuckle more than once, kicking some ass like a kegged up frat boy at an Of Montreal concert. He’s clumsy, he’s sloppy, but he’s a charming bruiser who breathed life into a lesser known, lesser appreciated super hero at a time when the Downey Jr. Tony Stark stylings make for a much more compelling and fun icon. Poor Brandon Routh and his stoicly stoic Superman of a few years ago. If only he’d just assholed it up a bit, we’d be on the second sequel by now. Gondry scores a few points for his badass handling of Reid’s first act of heroism (which was immediately preceded by his grand act of vandalism, btw), which is also the sequence when the limber and liquid Kato (played with a blue ribbon effort by Jay Chou) swoops to Reid’s rescue for the first time (certainly not the last, either). And who is going to sit here and tell me that they are going to pass up a chance to see Christoph Waltz have a bit of fun, and his blank face expressions are as hilarious as they are chilling, That’s a bingo, Mr. W.

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