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09 February 2011

127 Hours

directed by Danny Boyle

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of a hiker who gets trapped by a boulder and must drink his own urine to stay alive, finally freeing himself by sawing off the pinned appendage and miraculously escaping the wild. Urban legend? It was until it actually happened to a guy in 2003, and Danny Boyle spins the true story of Aron Ralstin like the hyper kid in school who just couldn’t sit still. Think of 127 Hours as the polar opposite of Gerry, Gus Van Sant’s vast, ethereal, (I felt like throwing an Oxford comma there, for old time’s sake) and horrific film about being trapped in the wild. Those of you who know what I am talking about, great. Those of you who do not know what film I am talking about need to go watch Gerry immediately. There are extended segments on Gerry where silence overwhelms you, but Danny Boyle’s film about isolation and survival drips with energy and electricity. Boyle films like a man possessed, and his work shows a zest and a passion eternally renewed with each endeavor. But a film like this is a house of cards that must rest upon strong shoulders, and Boyle lucked the hell out with James Franco. Franco, who I have come to really respect as of late, plays Ralstin with no frills naturalness that disarms as well as astounds. Is it Oscar worthy? I don’t think so, but it is still well worth the watch. Claustrophobic types: consider it immersion therapy. 

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