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23 February 2011

Back to the Future

directed by Robert Zemeckis

Since I am on the topic of things that were awesome in 1985 (and still are, btw), I guess I had better talk about Back to the Future, one of the finest time travel films ever to be made. And it’s all thanks to great writing, great directing and great acting. Michael J Fox pressed hard to play Marty McFly, working day and night while simultaneously starring on Family Ties, and the result is something truly perfect, never to be duplicated. Christopher Lloyd is iconic as loony but brilliant Doc Brown, and Lea Thompson is a spitfire dreamboat as Marty’s mom slash romantic pursuer (come on, we all know the plot). And leave it to Crispin Glover to bring a whole new level of strange to an otherwise (on paper, that is) quirky yet endearing supporting role. Huey Lewis brings his A game to the soundtrack, and Zemeckis turns his shit up to 11 to create a good to the last drop sci fi comedy that is guaranteed to put a smile on any face. Until Shane Carruth unleashed his titanic sci fi mind job, Primer, Back to the Future was probably my favorite time travel film, and the film is just as funny, just as enthralling, and just as much fun as it was the very first time I saw it. I know I have reviewed this film before, but it was just sitting there on my movie shelf, begging to be watched.

And just in case you want to have a little fun...

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  1. So what if you've reviewed it before, Back To The Future is so good it deserves multiple mentions on this blog.
    I wish I could go back to 1985.....happy days!


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