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14 February 2011

The Dilemma

directed by Ron Howard

I’ve spent the last few weeks eating all my art film vegetables like a good boy, so don’t judge me for stuffing my face with a little cinematic junk food. Ron Howard’s dud is exactly that, by the way, and it shows. Vince Vaughn rocks his usual snide but somehow kind of lovable shtick as Ronny, who catches BFF Nick’s (a predictably rotund Kevin James) wife cheating with studly mystery man, Zip (who else? Of course it’s Channing Tatum!). Ugh, I can feel my acid reflux acting up just recapping the tired plot, and no doubt about it, kids: The Dilemma is tired in every way. In fact, the only glimmer of promise in the whole film is, surprisingly, Channing Tatum, who brings a strangely enigmatic level of weird to the otherwise generic “mistress” role. Hive five, Mr. T. Channing Tatum is a wild card in that he can make such trash as Step Up (AND Step Up 2: the Streets) and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, yet somehow redeem himself with earnest performances in Stop-Loss (which was surprisingly good, btw) and this film. I can’t get a read on you, Tatum, and for that reason, you intrigue me. The Dilemma is, unfortunately, a film as bland and lifeless as it seems, and only those film geeks with a true desire to glimpse every glimmer of hope, however dim the surrounding context, should even give this film a chance.

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