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27 February 2011

Oscars 2011, Best Picture

As I wait with bated breath for our annual celebrity shmoozefest to begin, I will share my thoughts on the Best Picture category.

Best Picture:

Deserves it: The Social Network- David Fincher strikes back after his Benjamin Button travesty to craft a meticulously meticulous and cerebral critique of Generation Text (wow, that was a horrible pun, BC).
Winter’s Bone- Debra Granik’s tale of family ties has truer grit than many of the other noms this year. In fact, if she takes home the Oscar, I will be just as happy as if Fincher gets one for the trophy case.

Doesn’t deserve it: Toy Story 3/ True Grit- These were good films, but come on, Academy. In fact, I am inclined to deduct quality points from any film featuring a Randy Newman song (I’m looking at you, TS3). And as far a True Grit is concerned, I talked in my earlier review about the Coens having some sort of reaction to regular folks claiming that their movies “always end so weird. What’s up with that?”, instead allowing their film to linger past its natural expiration date.  

Screwed: Fish Tank- Watch out, AMPAS members, because if Andrea Arnold had her druthers, she’d chuck a brick through each of your windows. No love at all for one of the finest films of the year. What gives?!

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