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10 March 2011

Drive Angry

directed by Patrick Lussier

The trailer says it all: a pissed off, badass, bloody revenge flick starring the smoldering and superb 1969 Dodge Charger and a shit ton of guns. Hats off to the beautiful handling and mouth watering rumble of the Charger, sinking its pistons into a role that pays homage to the revolutionary work of his predecessor (in film, not time), the never to be duplicated, Oscar caliber performance of the 1970 Dodge Challenger in both Vanishing Point and Death Proof. Interesting tidbit: It was rumored that Lussier actually considered casting Challenger in a kind of reprisal of his earlier roles, but opted instead for the roomier interior and less iconic look of Challenger's cousin. Wise choice, Mr. L. At times, Charger, I found your stoic yet tough demeanor in Drive Angry almost ’68 Mustang-esque (Mustang, your finest moment was sailing down those San Francisco streets with Steve McQueen gripping your wheel). Bravo, Challenger. As for you, shit ton of guns, your approach to your various roles in various films is Nicholsonian in its madcap uniformity, and I love you for it. You brought a familiar, yet colorful reliability to the film that really helped me to stay on board. Explosions, you were dependably energetic- wait, there were actual human actors in Patrick Lussier’s sub par B film endeavor? Really? Real, live human actors? The only roles worth mentioning in this mindless filmic equivalent of cheap tequila were William Fichtner and David Morse, two of my favorite character actors. The plot is only slightly less absurd than Nicolas Cage’s hairpiece, and Drive Angry now marks the second time Cage has sported a jaw droppingly bad rug to play a character somehow affiliated avec Satan. That is an odd thing to have to note twice on a resume, similar to how Cilian Murphy has twice donned a sack on his head in two separate Christopher Nolan films. The absolute only way to see this film is in the intended 3D format. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of exploding shit on a screen.

Please do not get me wrong: I thoroughly enjoyed Drive Angry, but let’s not mince words here. I mean, I also love hot dogs, but if I said that hot dogs and steak are the same because they are both cow, a reasonable person’s retort would be to punch me in the face. Maybe punch is a strong word, but come on! I just got done watching Drive Angry!

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