What movie was that...?

23 March 2011


directed by Neil Burger

Those of you who think that Terence Malick films are for pretentious art film snobs can start getting excited, for Neil Burger has cooked up just the thing for your popcorn flick cravings. Timeless is a slick, flashy and fun little no brainer about a screw up writer named Eddie (Bradley Cooper), who is all blocked up about the novel he hasn’t even started. Blocked up, that is, until he spontaneously runs into his ex brother in-law (it doesn’t matter why, because who cares?) who seemingly throws caution to the wind (again, it doesn’t matter why) and gives Eddie his first dose of NZT, a pill that turns you into the Bobby Fischer of everything. Things start falling into place for Eddie: he finishes his book in a week, gets his Rain Man on at the casino, plays the stock market like a character from Primer, and mentally dazzles his way into various bedroom escapades, but like all drug movies (Reefer Madness, Requiem for a Dream, Pineapple Express), Eddie’s addiction comes at a price. Burger’s direction is overtly flashy in every glitzy, trippy, After Effecty way, a style that plays to the film’s strengths and helps you to make your peace with the plot holes that crop up like those Acme holes in a box that Wile E. Coyote used to order to catch the Road Runner. The acting is good, nothing special, the opening credits are cool in that music video kind of way, and all in all I dug it. Never underestimate the power of a little escapism.

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