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13 March 2011

The Lookout

directed by Scott Frank

Writer director Scott Frank spins a nifty little heist film treat with the The Lookout, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Isla Fisher, Matthew Goode and Jeff Daniels. JGL is fantastic as Chris, former hockey star with a brain jury that makes it hard for him to keep his shit straight. Working as the night janitor in a sleepy rural bank, Chris meets Gary (a stellar Matthew Goode, shedding much of his inner and outer handsomeness to wonderful effect), who manipulates Chris’ condition in order to con Chris into becoming an accomplice in his robbery plan. The twists and turns in this film are too fun to give away, and Jeff Daniels and Isla Fisher are both dynamite as magnets pulling Chris in opposite directions.  It’s a fun little ride, and worth a watch if a bit of caper film satisfaction is what you’re after.

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