What movie was that...?

03 April 2011


directed by Greg Mottola

I so wanted to love this wacky ass story about two nerds on holiday who have a super close, and super hilarious encounter of the third kind, but alas, Paul left me wanting. Writers Nick Frost and Simon Pegg root their story in a sincerity that works like gangbusters, which was the recipe for the success of both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but the overall story just didn’t knock it out of the park for me like the duo’s previous efforts. Seth Rogen is funny as the voice of Paul, an alien stranded on Earth for over half a decade, imprisoned in a government facility, yet somehow still able to stay abreast of popular culture. Don’t worry about the specifics, but rest assured that great performances from Pegg, Frost, and Jason Bateman keep the film humming even when it throws a belt. Paul pales in comparison to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but I will never turn down a chance to see Frost and Pegg get their man love on (“gay,” as Frost in Shaun of the Dead would say).

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