What movie was that...?

28 April 2011

Scream 4

directed by Wes Craven

After watching the trailer for Super 8 (for which I am totally excited, btw) I got the sense that Steven Speilberg has been proposing this film for years, at cocktail parties and board room meetings, saying “Come on, don’t you think it’s time for another Close Encounters?” I feel like the same thing happened with Scream 4, only in Speilberg’s case when everyone laughed uncomfortably and changed the subject, he let it go, at least for a few decades. In the case of Scream 4, however, director Wes Craven must have left the party saying “Fuck it. I’ll just give KW a call. He’s not doing anything.” The result is a sometimes entertaining, sometimes comical, sometimes ridiculous rehashing of the previous films and yes, a totally meta horror film that talks about what it is doing as it is doing it. I enjoyed it for what it was, though: good, old fashioned gory, startle horror that doesn’t cash in on the torture porn dead horse everyone else has been so content in beating this past decade. The film has a good helping of bloody fun, but Craven plays the hell out of his make you jump directing style to wonderful effect. Not much has changed since the last film; a copycat is out to duplicate the killing spree, only this time upping the ante by taking the killings into the digital age. The acting is reliable and forgettable, but at least Rory Culkin turns it out as film geek Charlie, and David Arquette rocks his patented Barney Fife dim bulb facial expression. And will someone please tell Courtney Cox to stop doing whatever the hell it is she has been doing to her face. You are starting to look a little freaky, Courtney, like something from a Vincent Price movie. Scream 4 is nothing new. It’s only pretending to be. But it put a smile on my face.

Favorite part: Anthony Anderson’s amazing one liner. If you see the film, you will know exactly what I am talking about.


  1. nice review, I've recently finished watching the previous three and as I enjoyed them all I will definitely be checking this one out!
    So I'm glad to know it's worth watching...

  2. If you enjoyed the previous 3, then you know what you are in for. I have to say, I have grown tired of all the ultra gore torture horror that is so popular right now, so I was definitely glad to have a bit of scary movie fun, courtesy of Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson.


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