What movie was that...?

07 May 2011

Fast Five

directed by Justin Lin

What’s to say about the fifth installment of an otherwise underwhelming film franchise that hasn’t already been said? The acting, you ask? Good one, I say. The plot? Don’t make me laugh. Well then why the hell are you even talking about Fast Five, BC? Because, when all was said and done, I have to admit something: I liked the hell out of this movie. The summer film season is officially here, folks, and the escapist romp that is Fast Five is like the first bloom that marks a cascade of eye candy fit for nothing more than consumption. What makes Fast Five work is the fact that it adheres to a much older action film style than most of its modern counterparts. Fast Five’s editors (Matsumoto, Raskin and Wagner) definitely utilize the more modern cut and run style of editing, but the film isn’t edited into incoherent oblivion like other big budget train wrecks (Transformers, I am looking at you). Director Justin Lin, responding to the fans who were pissed at all the CG in such installments as Tokyo Drift, filmed as much real life action as he could. The resulting driving sequences were fantastic, and bona fide (well, as much as possible) real life car wrecks, car stunts and other automotive showoffery kept my attention for 2 hours. Paul Walker, poor Paul Walker has only 2 facial expressions: vacant and confused, and yet I don’t mind seeing him in films. Why is that (I feel the same about the broody Robert Pattinson and the tubular Keanu Reeves as well)? And I think Vin Diesel has forgotten that acting, unlike the video game voice work he has been doing of late, requires actual facial expressiveness and physical movement (not that he had those qualities in spades to begin with). Fast Five is fun, bottom line. Those of you looking to use your noodle whilst watching a film can go join the elderly as they grumble through Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre. Have fun.

A question: Which actor(s) or actress(es) are your “Paul Walker”? Who do you enjoy watching in films even though you know full well their talents are lacking? 


  1. Steven Seagal is my "Paul Walker" and Out For Justice is my guilty pleasure!

  2. Out for Justice, Above the Law and Marked for Death are all great action schlock classics. Marked for Death would have to be one of my favorites Seagal films. To this day, if I am surfing the television and I see Screwface doing a bit of voodoo, I consider my program hunt finished.


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