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26 May 2011

The Hangover Part II

directed by Todd Phillips

All the reasons, all the exact same reasons that won me over in the hardcore comedy classic, The Hangover, are currently repelling me from the clunker of a sequel from Todd Phillips and acting posse from its inspired predecessor. Now, I was not so naïve to think that I was actually going to see a fresh and new comedy when I sat down in the auditorium. On the contrary, I was one of those “if it ain’t broke” clowns, just like all those people who love a band until the band tries to do something new on their second album, and then all of a sudden said fan is all “I like their old stuff way better.” I would have been perfectly content with a raunchy greatest hits sequel, a la Wayne’s World 2, but this was something all together more tragic. When I say that this film is shockingly similar to the first Hangover film, I come close to hitting the nail on the head. We’re not talking about James Cameron generic plot points similar, here. We are talking about Evil Dead/Evil Dead II similar, and not in a good way. Sure, there are funny moments, and there are some really effing funny moments, but it’s the principle of the thing: if you are going to pawn an iPhone 3GS off as an iPhone 4, then you should at least try stuffing the 3GS guts into an iPhone 4 casing. Come on, people! Make the effort! The Hangover II is the filmic equivalent of an empty gesture, like the jackass who, after a meal, reaches so slowly for his wallet that you can’t help but say, “Don’t worry about it, moneybags. I’ll get the bill.” In fact, if you want to read my review of this film, just read this one, and the only difference of note is that it takes place in Bangkok, and that Ed Helms is the groom this time, and that the baby has been replaced with a monkey. Actually these differences don’t really matter at all, and if the first film didn’t exist, this one would have been worth talking about.

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