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27 May 2011

Jane Eyre

directed by Cary Fukunaga

I avoid the dreaded “period” film like PW avoided the snakes during his pet store fire rescue in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, but the fact that this rendition of Jane Eyre was directed by Cary Fukungaa (who directed an epic Levi’s commercial, which is also one of my favorite pieces of film). Fukunaga follows up the visually breathtaking Sin Nombre (watch it) with a dark and richly textured take on Jane Eyre that felt entirely new to me. I will not bore everyone with a plot that every good school boy and girl should know already (if we did our homework as we should have done), but Charlotte Brontë’s tale pulsates with life in a way like I have never seen before. I felt as if the film balanced ever on the brink, and at any given moment, it could tip into the realm of supernatural ghostliness or nightmarish monstrosity. And yet it was not completely different from other adaptations, but rather that screenwriter Moira Buffini chose to interpret the themes of the book with new eyes. Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender are absolutely marvelous on screen together, and their connection burns with a mesmerizing fury, both romantic and terrifying. Fukunaga is a true talent behind the camera, and Jane Eyre is a notch any director would be proud wear on their belt.


  1. Glad to hear this is good - I felt the BBC series was awful, and especially pleased to hear that they've gone for a darker reading of the book. Surprised, though, that you've already seen it - thought it wasn't out until September, at least in the UK.


  2. Thanks for the kind words. I am actually from Detroit, where the film premiered a little while ago. I would definitely give it a watch when it comes out in your neck of the woods.


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