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10 June 2011

Mr Majestyk

directed by Richard Fleischer

Richard Fleischer’s tale of revenge, social rights and ass kickery give credence to the old saying “You just fucked with the wrong melon farmer.” This saying is especially true when said melon farmer is Charles Bronson, who plays Vince Majestyk just as he plays all his roles, which is to say, awesomely. Majestyk just wants to harvest his melon crop and get it into town, but his luck goes from bad to worse when he runs off scumbag Bobby Kopas (Paul Koslo rules), and ends up in jail with even bigger scumbag, hit man Frank Renda (Al Lettieri is a slimy gem). After an attempt to barter his freedom for Renda’s goes south, Majestyk has to fight off the hit man and his lackeys as he attempts to get his crop in, find some time for romance, and give his migrant staff a fair shake. Almost all Charles Bronson films from the 60s and 70s have one thing in common: they all kick ass, and I dare anyone to say otherwise. Bronson will haunt you for it, to be sure, and I will bet my bottom dollar that even his ghost could kick your ass.

PS That “old saying” I mentioned isn’t really an old saying, but a Danny McBride quote from Pineapple Express, which means there’s yet another reason why that movie is great.


  1. You've made my day!
    Bronson was at his peak here and I love all his films from this period, Mechanic, Chato's Land, Hard Times... certified classics.
    I knew you'd appreciate Al Lettieri, just don't ask him if he's gonna eat that sausage!
    There's some nice eye candy too in this film in the shape of Linda Crystal and Big Wednesday's Lee Purcell.
    I'll name your quote before I go, Charlie again with Jack Elam at the start of Once Upon A Time In The West.

  2. It's true. I will more than likely review The Mechanic as well, and I loved your Hard Times review. Excellent work with the quote, by the way. A man after my own heart.


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