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25 June 2011

Step Into Liquid

directed by Dana Brown

Dana Brown is a chip off the old block, and it shows in his airy, humorous and joy inducing doc, Step Into Liquid. Like Poppa Bruce, Dana treks the world over in search of the ultimate ride, but instead of following one pair of surfers, Dana searches for the searchers themselves. From such surfing icons as Laird Hamilton and Gerry Lopez, to a group of riders who surf the breaks of Lake Michigan (I told you. The stories about the Great Lakes are true), Dana finds both quirk and epic romance equally fascinating, blending the two like a great story told to you by a stranger who makes you feel so comfortable, as if you have known them your whole life. The North Shore, Jaws and Mavericks get their share of screen time, but Brown’s attention to such largely unknown surf spots as Lake Michigan, Galveston, and even the coast of Donegal make Step Into Liquid such an endearing and wonderful surf doc gem. Like Riding Giants, and daddy Bruce’s Endless Summer, Dana Brown shows surfing at its finest and most pure, pleasurable and profound, a lifestyle and a philosophy that calls to you like the first day of summer vacation. 

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