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02 June 2011

Trouble the Water

directed by Carl Deal and Tia Lessin

Trouble the Water, a story of devastation and government blundering in the wake of Mother Nature’s wrath is told with phenomenal grace, optimism and love through the point of view of a couple of New Orleans scrappers. Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, yes, and how well or awfully the Dubs handled it all is a debate left for another blog, but documentarians Carl Deal and Tia Lessin strike gold when they happen upon Kimberly and Scott Roberts (and their treasure trove of first hand film footage of the flooding in the 9th Ward) in the aftermath of Katrina. Kimberly, aka BlackKoldMadina, and her husband Scott struggle to help out neighbors and family displaced by the hurricane and rebuild their lives back in New Orleans. As they chase the snipe that is their government assistance check and float from dwelling to dwelling (and state to state), what’s most striking is Kimberly and Scott’s resolute optimism and determination to find good in all things. This is a kind of hope that digs deep, and like the boys of Heavy Metal in Baghdad, you will find yourself rooting for Scott and Kimberly, sharing their joys, lamenting their losses. When Kimberly performs a track called “Amazing” live in a bedroom, you feel the power of an entire life, and Deal and Lessin understand that a hard line point of view can weaken a tale that needs no narration to guide you to the point of it all. Trouble the Water is a diamond in the rough. 

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