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19 June 2011

X Men: First Class

directed by Matthew Vaughn

Despite half of the 4 person screenwriting team being responsible for the filmic abomination Thor (I don’t know what anyone was thinking giving that film anything that resembles a good review) , for which they should be fined, btw, X Men: First Class wins due to the efforts of Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman. Goldman and Vaughn both worked on the script for Kick Ass, which Vaughn also directed, and it shows in this reboot of a comic film franchise that has gone down the metaphorical tubes since it began. Yes, we have all heard about how the X Men get the swinging, sexy, James Bond 60s treatment, which is true, and yes, the film bogs down in the quagmire of lesser known heroes and villains (many of whom I had no clue about), but it holds true to a level of sophistication that seems to pertain to only a few comic universes. Michael Fassbender was (as always) fantastic as pre-McKellan Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto, and James McAvoy was good as pre-hardware Charles, but man oh man was January Jones awful as whoever the hell she was, Emma Frost (IMDb tells me), emoting about as much as Vin Diesel in, well, every one of his films. Poor January Jones, but hive five, Kevin Bacon, who rules as Sebastian Shaw, Erik’s former captor, mentor, and dark reflection. Was it great? No, but it was good. And way better than the filmic crime, Thor.

Seriously, anyone who actually watched Thor and is willing to defend this pile, feel free to leave a comment and we can discuss it. Having Kenneth Branagh as the director does not somehow imply a deeper level of sophistication automatically, nor does it exonerate actors who are bad at their craft and screenwriters who are incapable of penning a compelling story. Thor smacks of one of those factory designed films, written by a team and made by a film company, not the artistic vision of a talented group, like Batman, or even the first 2 X Men films. For shame, Branagh. You too, Hollywood.

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