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15 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

directed by David Yates

You knew it was coming, readers of OMFBC. Even if you never read my glowing review of Alfonso Cuaron’s finest HP film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, you have more than likely pieced it together over the years. Yes, I am an ever faithful, ever affectionate champion of Rowling’s fabulous story. And yes, I lined up just like every other nerd in nerdom to feast my dewy eyes on the final chapter of a decade long tale. Was it everything it could have been? Was it everything it should have been? Yes, yes it was. I have been to see every HP film with my soon to be sister in law: laughing, welling up, inching to the edge of my seat for nearly a decade, and neither one of us were disappointed. Director David Yates solidly took us down the final stretch of a filmic franchise unrivaled in terms of quality over time (HP never seemed to go all Lucas on us, thankfully). Even the youngish and square first films turned a corner in HP3, and the change helped to shape all that was to come. Let’s all just agree right now that the final (Tear. Sniffle) film was well shot, well edited, all that jazz: and let’s all just agree that the acting on the adult front was superb to say the least (Alan Rickman, you are one of the finest actors to ever grace the silver screen. Hooray for your comeuppance!). On the kid front (though they are all adults themselves, at this point), the strength of Emma Watson and Tom Felton have risen to great heights in developing a true blue characters that breathe real life. Everyone worth his or her salt has applauded the film for its merits, and I am not one to rock the boat in this case. The final HP film was a great end to a great series that finds itself lacking in very few areas. I can’t think of anything to add that others haven’t already said: I was choked up from the first frame, and I left with a sense of closure that is rare in the filmic world, especially when one invests this much time in a wonderful set of characters.

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