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28 July 2011

Light (a Vattenfall commercial)

directed by Adam Berg

It’s been a little while since I reviewed a commercial or a music video, so here’s a little double feature with a common thread: they both rock, and the cinematography for both pieces is the work of the very skilled Mattias Montero.

The commercial for this Nordic electric company is quiet, haunting, mysterious and mesmerizing, the mystifying path of electricity and modern technology that most of us scarcely even pause to contemplate. Okay, maybe it’s not as mystifying as all that, but Berg finds the sense of wonder, of a world frozen for an instant, and Montero’s cinematography is superb. You just may find yourself holding your breath along with the universe in this tale of a nocturnal journey. Commercials like these area rare breed, a glimpse of an artist’s eye, a short story if you will.

Berg also directed this stellar short film a fews years ago for Phillips as a rollout for their new LCD television. Awesome.

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