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02 July 2011

The Tillman Story

directed by Amir Bar-Lev

Pat Tillman was paid: an NFL asset making millions of dollars, happily married, a beloved athlete. But after the events of September 11th, Pat decided to enlist with his brother, and when Pat was killed in Afghanistan, the truth seemed to be something in short supply and hard to obtain. Amir Bar-Lev’s excellent doc works to piece together the puzzle of just what in the hell happened to our military and our government in the wake of a not so cut and dry tragedy, and the candor with which everyone involved participates in this doc seems befitting of such a man as Pat. Josh Brolin narrates the film to wonderful effect, and it was because of his extra efforts that Neil Young actually allowed one of his songs to be used in the film (awesome). The doc is stellar on all fronts, well shot, well conceived and well told, and the feeling it leaves you with is one of disappointment, of anger at a system that could be so callous in its lust for a martyr, a hero, and a system so ruthless in its attempt to cover its own ass.

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