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28 July 2011

What's a Girl To Do (a Bat for Lashes music video)

directed by Dougal Wilson

It’s been a little while since I reviewed a commercial or a music video, so here’s a little double feature with a common thread: they both rock, and the cinematography for both pieces is the work of the very skilled Mattias Montero.

Dougal Wilson knocks it out of the park with this gem from several years ago, a video for What’s a Girl To Do by the wonderful Bat for Lashes. The video has a kind of wild Karma Police vibe colored with a Spike Jonze sense of mischief. Natasha Khan rocks it out on a bike, with a posse of creatures in tow, whispering and lilting like an angel as she cruises a night darkened back road. It would be frightening if it wasn’t much damn fun. Once again, Mattias Montero’s cinematography is phenomenal, as is all of his cinematography work (check his website for more wonderful examples).

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