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16 August 2011

A Good, Old Fashioned Hodgepodge

Today's review will be little more that a liberal helping of filmic treasures and videotic gems for your pleasure. I will try to briefly articulate why I am posting each video or trailer, though I suspect they will speak for themselves.

Drive (trailer)- directed by Nicolas Winding Refn
I am possibly unhealthily excited for this film, which is to say that while Refn's track record is spotty, his choice in leading men remains perfect. Oh, Mr. Gosling, you're my heart of the ocean!

I Know: A David Lynch music video- directed by Tamar Drachli
This music video is okay (the winner of a competition), but the real treat here is another track from David Lynch's upcoming electronic album. Okay, have you stopped hyperventilating yet? Because it's true: Lynch's album, titled Crazy Clown Time(!), is due out this Fall. And now that I realize the album won't be completely populated by sounds of meat hitting meat, kazoos and weeping, I am even more excited. He must be leaving that stuff to Scott Walker...

Little Bit: A Lykke Li music video- directed by Mattias Montero
This is another stellar music video that tremendous talent Mattias Montero actually directed. Just wonderful...

Bellflower (trailer)- directed by Evan Glodell
I posted this trailer to my Google+ account about a month and a half ago, and I thought that I had already posted it on OMFBC, but I never did! I'm truly sorry, and if this film has debuted in your neighborhood, get the hell to the theatre right now! I have been watching it daily for months, consuming it like vitamins.

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