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04 October 2011


directed by Alex Winter and Tom Stern

After the existential kick in the shit that was Evan Glodell’s masterpiece, I am having trouble deciding what to review. But after much thought, I landed on the amazingly ridiculous and amazingly- well, let’s just say it’s sure to leave a few jaws on the floor- adolescent creative vision of Alex Winter and Tom Stern. The vision in question is the delightfully raunchy and batshit absurd Freaked, starring Winter as Hollywood star and total fame whore Ricky Coogan, who will do anything for a paycheck. When Coogan gets duped into traveling to South America to attach his name to a chemical company’s dubious deeds, he stumbles upon the mad world of a mad scientist (Randy Quaid at the height of his powers) creating a world of freaks using the very chemical Coogan is down there to endorse! Oh, the irony, you say, but Freaked is not a film about subtlety. Rocking a pretty stellar cast (including an uncredited and excellent Keanu Reeves as Ortiz, the dog boy), Freaked is one of those bonkers time capsule films that will give future generations a glimpse of the fucked up, who gives a shit craziness of the early 90s. Anyone with a soft spot for such crap classics as PCU and Bio-Dome will have either: A. watched this film a thousand times, usually whilst shitfaced, or B. scribbled this title down as a must watch the next time they are shitfaced.

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