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10 October 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Local

I have been thinking about this for a long time, and the fun part of this post is that it requires audience participation! I love film in all of its incarnations, and the commercial is a great way to see new film on a swiftly rotating basis. I have reviewed several of my favorite commercials over the years, commercials that I thought deserved particular recognition, but this time around I thought I would put a twist on this idea. So, I have presented 3 categories of particular filmic significance (not really, it was just witty in the loosest cinematic sense), and a commercial for each. What I would love is if all of you could post or share links for your favorites from wherever it is you call home. Happy viewing!

The Good:
The Date, a Heineken commercial directed by Fredrik Bond
This little gem is raucous, lively, well shot, well photographed, well acted, and well- superb. I originally loved The Mustache (and still do), but this one won me over instantly. A great piece of film.

The Bad:
Education Connection, an Education Connection commercial directed by Anthony Falcone
This 1 minute root canal of a commercial aired nationally for an online university. Oxymoron, you say? Just watch this tremendously awful commercial for an explanation of just who these "universities" are targeting. Ugh.

The Local:
Mel Farr Superstar (circa 1980s), a Mel Farr Ford commercial directed by ???
Pro footballer Mel Farr hit local stardom with his caped escapades as a superhero car dealer in the Detroit area. This and the following "Me and Dawg" commercials comprise a large portion of the memory pie labeled "childhood." There are some incredulous Geoffrey Fieger (of Dr. Kevorkian fame) commercials that currently air here in Detroit, but I cannot find those on the usual websites. Hopefully soon, because they should not be missed. Fieger's eye-jobbed, fake tanned eyes can see into your soul.

Me & Dawg, a Ray Whitefield Ford commercial directed by does it matter?
Come on, Dawg!

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