What movie was that...?

26 November 2011


directed by Martin Scorsese

John Logan can write the hell out of a film (Rango, The Aviator, The Last Samurai) and Martin Scorsese can direct the hell out of a film (all his effing films!), so it stands to reason that together again, the Logan Scorsese combo should be platinum classic stuff. And classic stuff it is, a film that swoons over the magic of film in a way that wraps you up. Scorsese is as in love with the art of filmmaking today as he was when he gave us Mean Streets, injecting his films with cinematic influences like a musician pays homage to his iconic predecessors. His influence here is more explicit, as the plot of Hugo orbits around the part factual part fictional life and genius of Georges Melies, a filmmaker and wizard who was, without question, one of the most amazing creative minds of all time. Ben Kinglsey is perfect as wounded titan Melies, trying to forget a painful past as he begins to find meaning in an orphan (Asa Butterfield is tremendous) living in a Paris train station and obsessed with repairing an automaton- Ok, even as I write this it sounds like a sugary, schmaltzy mess of a film that plays out like a 2 hour hallmark card, but Hugo is not the piece of filmic fruitcake that you may fear it is. Scorsese has created a magic with Hugo that warms the heart and whisks you away. You’ll feel like a kid again, wide eyed and buoyant as you escape into a Melies-esque dreamland.


  1. Very excited for this! Thought it looked pretty lame from the trailer but the reviews I keep reading suggest otherwise!

  2. I have much affection for films like this, and I was very happy that my hopes proved correct on this occasion. Hugo is well acted, beautifully shot, elegantly scored, and in addition to making you feel good, it bolsters what I am assuming is an already strong love of film. So it's win win!


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