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11 November 2011

Very Bad Things

directed by Peter Berg

Before there was The Hangover, another group of guys spent a little time trying to cope with their own debauched Vegas bachelor party weekend. Set the hot tub for 1998, when the great rivalry between Back Street Boys and ‘N Sync was at its zenith, and a young actor turned writer/director named Peter Berg made his volatile debut with the pitch black comedy known as Very Bad Things. Berg, while a solid actor (Fire in the Sky. The Great White Hype. Collateral. Effing Cop Land.), has proven to be an even more talented filmmaker, boasting a resume that features the true sports classic Friday NightLights (he produced the television series as well), The Kingdom and the Sunday afternoon action jewel The Rundown. Very Bad Things tells the story of groom to be Kyle Fisher (Jon Favreau), who heads out with his buddies to Vegas for a wild night of bachelordom. Things go from effed to totally effed when an extreme mishap causes the group to consider their options. This is one of those wacky ass downward spiral films that, by the time it ends, you wonder just how the hell it got to that point. Christian Slater, Daniel Stern, Jeremy Piven, Cameron Diaz, Leland Orser and Favreau all shine in this batshit gem. Give it a whirl. What’s the worst that could happen?

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