What movie was that...?

04 December 2011

1999 (a Cassius music video)

directed by Alex & Martin

Of late, I have been reminiscing about electronica's glory days, when Amp was on MTV, and people actually knew of artists like The Chemical Brothers and Air and Aphex Twin. Those days, the Salad Days as they are known, are gone, but fragments of this wonderful time have clung to my memory like hugs from the past. Derrick May's Strings of Life, or Sophie Ellis-Bexter's dreamy voice on Spiller's If This Ain't Love, and this gem from the end of the millennium. Directed by Alex & Martin, 1999 is one of the catchiest Cassius tracks, and the video is phenomenal to say the least. The montagery is sublime, as is the wonderful madcapness of Dead Man plowing through the video's trajectory like a dream, and the amazing color palette all come together to rock the senses and send the mind back a decade or so. Fantastic stuff, this.


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