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23 December 2011

Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol

directed by Brad Bird

Is the story earth shatteringly mind blowing? Are you kidding? Is this the end all be all of action films? Don’t make me laugh. Is it a shit ton of fun to watch Brad Bird’s highly entertaining foray into live action? Hell yeah! I was more excited to see this fourth installment than I was to see John Woo’s sequel, and way more excited than I was for the the J. J. Abrams threequel, and Brad Bird (Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Iron Giant) did not disappoint. Bird blends fun, taught action and, dare I say whimsy in meticulously dazzling form that belies the attention to detail that only an animator possesses. And Jeremy Renner kicks all kind of ass as black belt analyst Brandt, number cruncher with ninja moves who carries a secret like a champ. Renner is the master of the slightly unpredictable, and I was so happy to see him out rock an aging Tom Cruise. Simon Pegg is a stellar replacement for the Ving Rhames “techie guy who mostly does computery stuff,” but before I even attempt to dissect the most fun Mission Impossible yet, I need to ask the question, “Who the hell cares?” When I sat down, I knew I wasn’t sitting down for bloody Shakespeare, but I will say that Bird’s lens, especially when watched in glorious IMAX immensity, was poetry. Go see it and have a little escapist fun, why don’t you?

PS Yes, I absolutely made sure to get to the theater extra early so I had a prime seat for viewing not just the film but the Nolan teaser for The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan is the Jerry Bruckheimer that Jerry Bruckheimer wishes he could have been, a daring filmmaker who makes consistently intricate, thoughtful, sophisticated and entertaining moneymakers for the masses. And the beauty of Nolan is that, betwixt such action blockbusters as The Dark Knight or Inception, he still finds time to give the world such gems as The Prestige. Pardon my gushing, but it is deserving, though I have to admit that the teaser left me wanting, and not in a good way. Let's just hope that this teaser is just a bit of Prestige style slight of hand, and I just wasn't watching closely.


  1. Happy New Year, my friend. I am watching The Poseidon Adventure to commemorate the holiday. I would follow Gene Hackman into the bowels of that great ship...

    I hope 2012 kicks off with a blast! Let me know how it goes (since you have a 5 hour advance screening of the year's unfoldings).


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