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11 December 2011


directed by Michael Polish

I have long pondered the best way to articulate how captivated I was by the delicate, lyrical and poetic quiet that builds like a magnificent tidal in the marvelous Polish brothers film, Northfork, and I have finally given up. This doesn’t mean that the film isn’t breathtaking in its own surreal way, it just means that I don’t dare sum up this film with mere words. I was in college when this film premiered, and I remember being so caught up in the film that I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days after, weeks even. The tale of a territory in Montana forced to relocate due to the construction of a new dam is at once folkloric and profound, a piece of Americana infused with fairytale, allegory and sheer washed out beauty that will attach itself to part of your psyche in ways you never imagined. Even now, eight years later, I am struck by a landscape, an inflection, a moment in eternity that brings me inevitably back to Northfork. Perhaps it’s a personal thing, but even if you strip that away, the film is magnificent. The film also features a young Ben Foster in one of the first roles that truly shows his capabilities. A wonder to behold, Northfork is a must watch.

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