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26 February 2012

2012 OMFBC Awards

They're Heeeeere...

OMFBC Awards- Tipping the cap and flipping the bird to you, Hollywood. Like a withholding dealer, I hate you at times, but I always need you…

Let’s just do with sans the pomp and awfulness of other award ceremonies. Some of these awards will follow the standard categorical trappings, but I have added a few categories that may or may not change from year to year.

Just in case you don't see it: Winners are in Bold (and I awarded them a Gold Star)

Most Kick Ass Actress, Supporting or Otherwise
Gold Star: Michelle Williams- Meek’s Cutoff
Melissa McCarthy- Bridesmaids
Mia Wasikowska- Jane Eyre
Charlotte Gainsbourg- Melancholia
Kirsten Dunst- Melancholia
Charlize Theron- Young Adult
Saoirse Ronan- Hanna

Most Kick Ass Actor, Supporting or Otherwise
Ryan Gosling- Drive
Michael Shannon- Take Shelter
Gold Star: Dominic Cooper- The Devil’s Double
John Hawkes- Martha Marcy May Marlene
Gary Oldman- Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Gutpuncher Award, aka Most Visceral Film Award
Gold Star: Bellflower

Bandwagon Award, aka The movie I saw only because everyone else did, and I actually liked it Award
Gold Star: Super 8

Best Editing, aka I’m a geek. Desoleé Award
Gold Star: Aaron Valdez- Star Wars Uncut: A serious feat, this. I really should have reviewed this stunner (maybe I will...) Maybe I did!
Team Coatwolf (Evan Glodell, Vincent Grashaw, Joel Hodge, Jonathan Keevil)- Bellflower
Thelma Schoonmaker- Hugo

Best Doc
Gold Star: Senna
Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory
If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front
Unbeatable Platinum Star: RIZE

Reason I Go to the Movies Award
Gold Star: Bellflower

Best Disaster of a Film Award
Gold Star: Drive Angry
Crazy, Stupid Love
I Am Number Four

Worst Thing Ever Award, aka Ugh Award
Adustment Bureau
Opposite of Gold Star: Sucker Punch
Something Borrowed

The How the Hell is No One talking about this Gem? Award
Gold Star: Bellflower

Wouldn’t have heard about this movie unless… aka Great Film Blog Award
Note: I have only listed the winner, though I love all of you whose blogs I enjoy.
Snowtown- Thank you to Colin at Pick 'n' Mix Flix for a consistently wonderful blog filled with rare treats and arid humor. 

There we have it. So far, 2012 isn't shaping up so well, but let's see what unfolds. I remain hopeful in you, Hollywood. Let's get to watching, film lovers across the world!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you. I'd like to thank OMFBC and its members, my mum and dad, the films of 2011 that allowed me to exhibit my 'arid humour' and last but not least, the candidates for the Republican nomination for inspiring me.

    Keep up the good work, my friend, and thanks!

  2. Congratulations to Colin and all the other winners of the coveted OMFBCs!.

  3. I should comment on the other winners.

    You chose Williams. I love her, I really do, but from your list I'd have given it to Theron. I thought she was simply brilliant in Young Adult.

    Bellflower, of course...well, you know my thoughts on that. Great flick.

    It's a fun list. Not too sure about The Devil's Double, in truth, but (as I ranted about on my site) I'm just pleased someone's chosen flicks different than the standard seven or eight I usually find.

  4. Very classy speech, sir. Short, solid and humorous. Always a plus when the winner doesn't have to get forced off by the music.

    Theron was really tremendous in Young Adult, and I almost gave the actor award to Gosling, but I just thought Cooper deserved some recognition for such fine work in an otherwise awful film.

    Still hoping that Snowtown makes it to Detroit!


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