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11 February 2012

Detroit:Ville Sauvage- An Update

A little over a year ago we Detroiters had the pleasure of a smallish surge of interest in our fair city, what with a promotional mini doc for Palladium Boots, a wintry visit from Crispin Glover, and a wonderfully mesmerizing doc by a quiet young Frenchman named Florent Tillon. His documentary, entitled Detroit: Ville Sauvage, was originally intended to be a doc about wildlife coming back to a city abandoned by its once thriving population of human denizens. Tillon found in the city a different sort of inspiration, and the result is a poetic and understated tome that explores what it means to be from Detroit. I compared this film to the Andrew Douglas doc Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus when it premiered in my beloved (and much lamented) Burton Theatre in 2010. I just received a post from Florent on my original Ville Sauvage review concerning an upcoming documentary Tillon is working on about the sinister future of Las Vegas, aptly titled Las Vegas Meditation. He is still working out the caption translations, but this next doc looks just as promising as Ville Sauvage. Just give it a look, and if you are intrigued, show him some support. You'll get your name in the credits of what will most likely be a pretty interesting little documentary, which as we all know is major street cred to the public radio crowd.

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