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05 February 2012

Oscars 2012: Lame Hard with a Vengeance

The third installment of my crotchety take on the so called Academy Awards tackles music and directing. Still pissed that such films as Tyrannosaur don't show up anywhere on the Academy lists, but I am happy that Bullhead is nominated for Best Foreign Language film. A must see, that film is.

The form is as follows:
Deserves it- Of the nominees, the nominee that actually deserves that award (or just deserves it the most).
Doesn't deserve it- The nominee who, upon reading the name, causes me to spit out my beverage and curse, and not in a good way.
Screwed- A worthy performance/film/filmic component that was scandalously overlooked.
Special Notes- May be italicized as well.

Best Score:
Deserves it- Howard Shore, Hugo: I loved Shore’s moving score for the fantastic film, Hugo.
Doesn’t deserve it-  I can hate on all these wonderful scores (which I won't), but there was one score that was outrageously snuffed this year (see Screwed).
Screwed- The Chemical Brothers, Hanna: Screwed avec a capital S. In a film brimming with high points, The Chemical Brothers score was a breath of fresh air and a subversive delight. Alas, they suffer the same fate as Daft Punk’s tragically overlooked Tron Legacy score. Get some turntables, Academy!

Best Original Song:
Deserves it- Bland by Jonanthan Keevil, the Bellflower soundtrack: Keevil is hands down- Wait, what? Keevil wasn’t nominated for Bland? What about for his other perfect song, Babyfin? Not nominated at all? Well then who the hell was? (reads nominees) Are you effing kiddng me?!!!!
Doesn’t deserve it- Everyone else!
Screwed- Keevil, Keevil, Keevil! Even sans the filmic context, Keevil’s tracks carry a tragic and heartbreaking weight like few other things this year. It’s bullshit, Academy.

Best Directing:
Deserves it- Frankly, I’m really raw that Nicolas Winding Refn and Evan Glodell are criminally vacant from this list, so you know what? Give it to Scorsese for Hugo. His blend of deep, profound whimsy and razorish darkness was a wonder.
Doesn’t deserve it- Terence Malick, Tree of Life: Even as I type this my fingers are twitching, as if on a primal, instinctual level, they realize it’s wrong. I only wish Malick could have edited himself a bit more.
Screwed- You can spell screwed 2 ways this year. Ether R-E-F-N or G-L-O-D-E-L-L. I may just start saying I got Glodelled the next time I have to go into work on my day off.

There you are, folks. Stay classy. I shall return with my take on Best Film closer to the awards, but I will begin my OMFBC Awards shortly. Any votes/nominations/2 cents will (as always) be appreciated.

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