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27 March 2012

21 Jump Street

directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller

Whilst my film snob friends were bashing this movie before it hatched, I was tentatively defending the potential of the Tatum/Hill buddy cop television series reboot spinoff comedy. Little brother DC and I caught a show when I went to visit him the other day, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t enjoy the hell out of 21 Jump Street’s silly ass. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are a stellar duo, rocking genuine friend chemistry and enough comedic timing to make my sides hurt at times. The movie does lag, but the high points, the humor and the cameos more than make up for it. Tatum and Hill, both working to break their showbiz stereotypes, seem to be succeeding on an empirical level, but DC and I have always thought of Tatum as an actor of subtle, understated sincerity. Hell, Tatum’s slightly unhinged genius was the only good thing to say about the filmic floater that was The Dilemma. Hill is always solidly funny, and Jump Street finds him in the writer’s chair also this time around. Jump Street is just the thing we need to liven up the gray doldrums of Detroit sprinter (The shitty, sleety cold/warm sunless period where it’s supposed to be spring, but we’re still wearing our winter coats). And it’s the kind of film that has too much fun, even as it’s saying Fuck you, art film!

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  1. I thought the trailer looked damn funny so am pleased this hasn't been slated. Looking forward to it!


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