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02 March 2012

The Interrupters

directed by Steve James

Many critics lamented this doc’s absence from the greats of 2011, and they were absolutely right. Steve James (remember Hoop Dreams?) has crafted an amazingly heart breaking, yet somehow hopeful documentary about life amid the violence of inner city Chicago. The Interrupters focuses on a group called Ceasefire, consisting of ex-gangbangers and criminals who seek to minimize violence (mainly gang related) by interceding before the altercation escalates. The interesting perspective held by members of the group is that violence is an actual disease, a modern plague that must be treated as such. The members of Ceasefire act as antibiotics or vaccines, interrupting the disease’s mutation before it becomes communicable. The members James chooses to highlight are astonishing examples of redemption and stalwart belief in the effects of such a daunting endeavor. These heroes all have demons, very real demons that cling to the coattails of the entire film, but James doesn’t try to vilify or exonerate, opting instead to simply shine a light on a very small, yet very significant effort to make things better. It’s a heavy brew, but well worth the time. 


  1. Watching this tomorrow, looking forward to it! Nice review!

  2. Nice write-up! I watched this a while ago, just couldn't get into it for whatever reason. Urban decay's not my thing, perhaps, no matter how noble the people trying to help are.

  3. Thanks gentlemen. I can understand that, Colin. I suppose I don't have much to go on with regard to UK urban plight, unless Guy Ritchie movies and Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank count? I kid, but I do appreciate that movies like this aren't for everyone.

    And Pete, I hope you liked this wonderful doc as much as I did!

  4. Loved it! Inspirational and emotional. Great stuff!


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