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04 April 2012

7X7 Award

The wonderful Pete from I Love That Film has awarded me the coveted 7X7 Award. I would like to thank my family, the Academy, and, of course, the Hollywood Foreign Press. Let’s do the damn thing:

The rules of the 7X7 Award stipulate I answer the following topics.

Tell everyone something about yourself that no one else knows.
An interesting concept, this: a secret long withheld, suddenly loosed into the ether of the internet in an effort to adhere to the rules of an award category. Some people who know me already know this, but after I graduated high school I lived in Ireland for a time. I worked in a pub called the Dean Swift on Francis Street in Dublin, and the crack was mighty. The real tidbit was when (during this same period) I spent time in Brussels and, whilst waiting for a hostel to open, a hoodlum? (I don’t what they call them in Belgium) tried to stab me in a severely botched mugging attempt. Good thing I was young and stupid! I actually ran into the guy a day later, fully prepared to conclude the battle begun and suddenly ended (due to a language barrier and a thick coat, I presume), but alas, he seemed to want no part of me. Must have proved my mettle.

Link to a post I think fits the following categories:
Most Beautiful Piece
Probably one of the most beautiful films over which I have ever had the pleasure of fawning, Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West is a film that defines and destroys a genre. An epic, heart swelling love poem to the American West, the western genre, and cinema itself. Leone was the Tarantino of his generation, a genius with a ravenous lust for film, and Once upon a Time is his most raggedly affectionate admiration.

Most Popular Piece
According to my stats, the hands down most visited post of OMFBC is my page Filmy Drinking Games. I originally began this page to provide a kind of alternate review of films I both loved and didn’t love so much, but lo and behold! film loving boozers seem to scour the internet in search of rules to govern their intoxication. Thank you, bored college kids!

Most Controversial Piece
Not necessarily a controversial piece per se, but my view of this film is certainly not popular. Usually I try to keep an open mind and give films the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes a filmmaker or a film will really stick in my craw, as they say. Avatar, James Cameron’s glutted disaster of a movie, was one such film.

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece
It’s one of the most popular of all my posts, and I am truly happy that it is so. After being so affected by Cary Fukunaga’s America commercial for Levi’s, I felt compelled to deviate from OMFBC’s formula of simple, concise reviews of films worth watching. This was when I realized that I had been limiting my focus to feature length filmic art and that I should devote equal attention to any film of merit, regardless of length or form. Much thanks for kicking my ass into gear, Mr. F.

Most Underrated Piece
I have always championed the merits of this stellar documentary because it always seemed to me that David LaChappelle’s RIZE never got the credit it deserved.
Also, Antonia Bird’s Ravenous is one of my very favorite films, though no one else seems to agree with me except my brother DC. Please watch it again, film lovers!

Most Pride-Worthy Piece
I think this goes without saying, but my interview with Bellflower filmmaker Evan Glodell is definitely OMFBC’s high point.

Pass this on to 7 fellow bloggers.
On the Road Again (ever will I lament its demise!)
Paragraph Film Reviews (a blog after my own heart)

PS I hope that my little Belgium story doesn't dissuade anyone from potentially visiting such a wonderful country. I love you, Brussels!


  1. Jeepers! Scary story! Congrats on the award! I knew what you're most pride worthy post would be already and it damn well should be! Great stuff!

  2. Thanks Pete! It is an honor. I am also excited to see Cabin in the Woods (glad to hear you enjoyed it so).

  3. Thanks for the namecheck, my friend!

  4. A posthumous award for On The Road Again is a nice touch.
    Thanks a lot B.C.

  5. Of course, Paul. Any chance of an OTRA revival? It would be better than Christmas morning!


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