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08 June 2012

Take Shelter

directed by Jeff Nichols

Deserving of every accolade it earned last year, Jeff Nichols’ story of paranoia, apocalyptic premonitions and the delicate house of cards upon which a Midwestern family balances is a thing of quiet and haunting magnificence that sneaks inside your head delicately, and then explodes with a gravity that will not soon leave you. Michael Shannon and Nichols are a dynamic duo, as evidenced by the amazing Shotgun Stories and the certain to astound Mud (due out later this year, I think), but in Take Shelter Shannon completely disappears into the role of Curtis who, plagued by visions of sinister things to come, begins to obsess over building up the storm shelter in the backyard. Holding the family together is the marvelous Jessica Chastain who plays Samantha with genuine restraint, and the always underrated Shea Whigham is fantastic as Curtis’ friend Dewart. Take Shelter is one of those films that goes for it, and I have much respect for a film that staunchly adheres to a rhythm and a method, a vision that Nichols understands to his core. Nichols is one of the most promising new directors out there, and I can’t wait to see where his talent takes him. 


  1. How are you B.C.?
    I've been meaning to drop by ever since we bumped into each other at Andy Buckle's emporium the other week, but I don't get around blogland much these days.
    Funny how mention of Busey in Point Break instantly brings the character of Leroy in Big Wednesday to mind.
    To use a surfing analogy, you and this place are like Greg Clarke and Mavericks.
    While all the phoneys are falling over themselves to line-up at the most popular spots, you're out here doing your thing week in and week out; and for me OMFBC will always be the gnarliest of the lot!

    It's nice to know you're still kicking my friend.

  2. You're too kind, Paul, and it's great to hear from you! I know the feeling: I haven't been getting to review as much, either, but I still get out there.
    OMFBC being compared to Mavericks! That's high praise, my friend, and I am thoroughly flattered. Well I'll be out here, don't you worry!
    PS If you ever get the bug again, I would definitely love to put up a guest review from OTRA. Just think about it...


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